3D Lego Island Game, Lego games series in the game which is prepared with a new more eklendi.unity3d game engine, Lego people lego construction engineer in settlement on the island of his newly discovered even lego architecture tasks according to the island lego people need residential areas are you gonna do .The only an island with limited from the by many different candidates travel by their owners have placements that you complete the construction of a building before you advance in the game you’ll continue construction work building improvement and repair work you need to work machinery in the game only that olucak.b’s why dozers, truck work to make the machines 3d Lego Island game in parts great time with the individual merge for mouse control to be done to build your island outside the the place to stay elsewhere on the island to make the trip to the island lego enough simülasyo style click on the craft section at the seaside game 3d located in the Adventure category, we hope you enjoy the game play 3D Lego Island.




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